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So here’s the problem…

Searching for Accessible Homes online can be hazardous! There are several reasons why it is a huge challenge:

1. Many different tools are available for real estate agents to put their properties online, and they often use different ways of indicating accessibility features, such as ramps, modified bathrooms, etc. In most cases, entering this data is optional for agents. And there are some agents that do not wish to highlight accessibility features because they believe those features are a disincentive for potential buyers.

As a result of all this, many listings with accessibility features are NOT properly identified on the MLS, and won’t appear in custom searches of accessible properties.

2. There are many different “accessibility features” that might be used to describe a home. For example, it may have a wheelchair ramp. It may be an apartment-style condo building with an elevator. It may have a bathroom with a roll-in shower. However, the existence of any one of these features does not mean the home would be accessible for you.

3. Sometimes the “accessibility feature” associated with a property listing is not “accessible enough” for some buyers. For example, the existence of a wheelchair ramp does not mean the bathroom is big enough for a wheelchair. The existence of an elevator does not mean the elevator is big enough for a large power chair as well as an attendant. Accessibility is in the eyes of the beholder (…and that is why you want to speak to an Accessibility Specialist Realtor to get the details as they would matter for you).

On our website, each accessible listing displayed will have at least one accessibility feature, as identified by the agent listing the property (not necessarily us!). Each listing you see will describe what the feature is…but for more information about that feature in that property…..please contact us so we can answer your specific questions!

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